Dispute between New York State and Seneca Nation taking a toll on Thruway

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IRVING, N.Y. (WIVB)- The fight over whose responsibility it is to fix the New York State Thruway that runs through the Seneca Nation continues.

The five mile stretch of road has been in disrepair for years.
Earlier this week, representative Tom Reed called on the governor and the state to step up and fix the road.

Friday, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul addressed the issue.

“We want to get that road fixed. I have traveled on that road, it needs work. The motorists who travel that freeway deserve better. We are working this out with the Seneca Nation to make sure we have access to a road that is going through their property and we have to work this out. I understand the frustrations and it has been addressed at the highest levels,” Hochul said.

The Seneca Nation released the following statement Saturday saying in part that the state hasn’t repaired the thruway as a form of quote “political revenge”.

“There is only one simple reason that the State has continually refused to honor its obligation to repair the portion of Thruway that crosses our Cattaraugus Territory: political revenge. The Seneca Nation has routinely approved resolutions for routine maintenance on this stretch of Thruway. Anyone who has driven on this state roadway knows that it requires far more than routine maintenance. Rather than protect the safety of the traveling public, the Governor would rather try to exact some sort of political revenge against the Seneca Nation for an issue unrelated to the crumbling condition of the Thruway. This behavior is misguided and dangerous for the thousands of drivers who place their safety in the State’s hands each day they travel the New York State Thruway.”

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