District Attorney says no charges will be filed against Councilman Wingo

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“I will not be filing charges against Mr. Wingo… that doesn’t mean he didn’t commit a crime.”

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn says Buffalo Common Councilman Ulysees Wingo technically did commit a crime when he last week brought a gun and ammunition into Riverside High School No. 205, but after assessing the situation, Flynn won’t press charges.

Wingo, the Masten District Councilman, was attending an assembly at Riverside High School No. 205, where a scholarship was being announced. Wingo has a license and the gun was legally owned.

Wingo realized he made a mistake and immediately went to the school administration, Flynn said, and procured the gun, which was then locked away.

Flynn however says the letter of the law states its illegal to knowingly possess a gun on school property unless you have written authorization. Although he didn’t have it in writing, technically he was given some permission by the principal to have the firearm when he led Wingo to the safe. But Flynn also said he believes this was all an honest mistake. 

The entire situation wasn’t made public until three days later. Wingo has since announced he wouldn’t chair Education Committee meetings in the meantime.

Citing the totality of the situation, Flynn said, ”I’m going to use common sense here” because Wingo owned up to it, did the right thing by coming forward to security and quickly secured it in the safe.

Flynn also says that the principal made a mistake by not telling Wingo to leave immediately. That administrator was put on leave.

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