An infrared sauna studio, DripHouse, is now open in Williamsville, and the owners say there are certain health benefits that come from their sweating experience. 

“(It’s) an hour of vacation throughout your day,” said Malisa Lougher, the co-owner of DripHouse. 

Inside DripHouse, you pay to sweat. They call it, ‘dripping,’ and you start by getting your ‘drip suit.’

“Inside your bag you have DripHouse sweatpants, you’ll have a DripHouse long sleeve t-shirt, and you also have socks,”Lougher said. 

Once inside, you have your own bay to sweat. You get wrapped in FDA-approved infrared blankets, which feel like a heavy sleeping bag. There’s enough room to move around your legs and arms inside though.

“You lay in this bed and we bring you in zero gravity, so you’re so relaxed,” Lougher said. 

Your head isn’t covered, which is unlike a normal sauna, and you can breathe easily. For an hour, you lay and watch Netflix, and ‘drip.’

“We have people that say they sleep better, it’s very good for anxiety, it’s very good for muscle recovery.”

Lougher said ‘dripping’ eliminates toxins, and aids in skin health, better sleep, and more. She said you can come for weight loss too, telling News 4 that during each session a person can burn between 600 and 1,200 calories. 

The real sweating doesn’t usually start until the last 15-20 minutes, which is when they put a cool cloth on your forehead. 

When you’re done, there’s a space to relax and reflect on your experience. 

“It’s just a great hour for yourself,” Katie Newberg said, co-owner of DripHouse.  

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