Dynasty All-Stars Dance Team seeking space for more students

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(WIVB)– Cheers, claps, and taps. You’ll hear this, along with a lot of laughter inside the walls of the Dynasty All-Star Dance Team’s studio.

“Some of them are like my best friends, another girl named Amiah,we’ve known each other since we were young and we started dancing together, and I’ve made more friends and we’re like family now,” said Amaiah Grant whose danced with Dynasty for five years.

From age 4 to 18, girls from all over Western New York, many from low-income households, come to the Walden Avenue location to dance Jazz, Tap, Ballet,and Majorette,but also to build a bond with one another.

“One thing we do here is we build sisterhood to teach them how to get along with each other and help each other out. We’re also very big on keeping your grades up and being a good child at home, so we implement that here so they can take it back home and do the right thing,” said Regina Verse Dynasty’s director.

With more than 60 girls currently enrolled, the team has outgrown their current space and it’s stopping them from helping more girls.

“This building is home but it’s small and we’re just not able to accept all the kids that we’d like to because of the spacing so I think it’s super important that if we get a bigger space I’ll be able to bring in more girls that are interested in joining the team,” said Co-Director Jazzae Verse.

They’re hoping to raise enough money to expand the program so no child will be left behind.

“For them to have a place where they can be themselves and display all their talents, because you never know who’s watching, for some of those girls this is their dream and it would be a dream come true for them,” Verse said.

If you’d like to help the Dynasty All-Stars find room to grow you can drop off donations at any M&T Bank or at their current studio at 1236 Walden Ave.

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