Big things are brewing at 42 North in East Aurora. The brewery is expanding 3-fold, but the added space isn’t solely for an increased beer production. Four Airbnb rooms are also included in the major expansion.

For almost four years now, 42 North has been serving up cold ones in the Southtowns.

“East Aurora is a craft town thanks to the RoyCroft and Fisher Price,” 42 North Founder, John Cimperman said. “There’s a craft vibe to East Aurora, so craft beer fits the vibe of East Aurora very well.”

Former homebrewer, and founder of the brewery, John Cimperman, believes the brewery’s location, and the quality of their craft beer is the reason for their success. And because of all that success, they’re bursting at the seams on Pine Street.

“We are distributed from Lake Ontario, down to Ellicottville,” he said. “We also have some pockets of Rochester and New York City.”

So back in October, Cimperman acquired the lot next door, which was a former old apartment building. The space adds 6,000 square feet to their campus. They’ll now have around 17,000 square feet of space, which will triple their production capacity over the next couple of years.

But that’s not all…

“For us here at 42 North, we’re really focused on the experience, and I think having the chance to stay and sleep at a brewery is a really cool experience.”

It can be tough leaving a good brewery at the end of the night. But soon, you won’t have to. Four new Airbnb rooms are almost complete there. Three of them overlook the Biergarten in the back, and one overlooks the new production facility.

“We like to say an Airbnb, but the bnb stands for bed and beer.”

Each room will have a different theme: Prohibition, Borderland Music, Queen City and agriculture.

The rooms are expected to be open to the public by late August.

A large part of this expansion includes a full-time canning line. Cimperman said they used to have to wait to brew when they had a canning machine accessible to them. With the new full-time canning line, they’re on their own schedule, which will allow them to do more creative, limited edition beer.