ECWA scores below average in J.D. Power rankings

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In a list released by J.D. Power, the Erie County Water Authority (ECWA) was ranked based on its customer satisfaction.

With factors including delivery, price, conservation, billing and payment, communications and customer service, the ECWA came in 15th in the Northeast category.

The ECWA’s score of 669 was below the average for the category, where the average score is 709.

When looking at all the water service providers surveyed, J.D. Power says that overall, customers complain of many more quality issues than what is indicated in EPA reports.

“While the mandated water quality reports produced by regional water authorities do a great job of measuring specific water quality issues, they are not telling the whole story when it comes to perceptions of the water that is coming out of customers’ faucets,” Andrew Heath, Senior Director of the Utility Practice at J.D. Power, said. “Whether it’s a serious problem like high lead or mineral counts, or a more subjective issue like bad taste or low pressure, a significant number of residential water utility customers are not happy with the product.  Water utilities need to understand why customer views are not matching the views of the water utility and need to address these concerns.”

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission and the Monroe County Water Authority tied for first place in the Northeast category, with scores of 735.

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