End of Mueller investigation spells relief for Caputo

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Now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 400-page report has been made public, one Western New York political commentator is feeling relief.

Michael Caputo of East Aurora said getting caught up in that two-year political investigation has taken a toll on his family and his businesses, and he is glad it is over.

Caputo was summoned twice by Mueller’s team of investigators twice, first to answer questions about his contact with Russians, then later he went back to correct the record.

A businessman, political commentator, and radio show host, Caputo recalled the phone call in May of 2016 that got him hauled in front of the Robert Mueller special investigation panel.

“It literally was a two-minute phone call and I had forgotten about it,” which Caputo said was his answer to Mueller’s team the first time.

When he got the call Caputo was an advisor to the Trump campaign, and the call was from a Florida-based Russian known as Henry Greenberg who was offering political dirt on then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Caputo said he referred Greenberg to political operative Roger Stone, “I was leaving the campaign to join the convention, so I passed him off to Roger Stone who was not with the campaign, but is an expert in opposition research.”

Roger Stone, a long-time friend of President Trump, was indicted by the Mueller committee on charges of lying, obstruction, and witness tampering.

Caputo eventually hired a private detective who uncovered Greenberg’s frightening background, “Turns out he is a 17 year paid informant for the FBI and we proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt, including copies of 14 of his visas that were signed by FBI agents.”

With the end of the Mueller investigation, Caputo predicts an impeachment inquiry in Congress will get underway sometime before next year’s election focusing on obstruction rather than collusion with Russia.

“They made a very clear statement that there was no collusion, no indication that any American at all colluded with Russia, let alone Michael Caputo out in East Aurora. So it is a complete vindication for my family, although I do have concerns for the president.”

Caputo believes the Democrat-controlled House will vote to impeach, but the Republican-dominated Senate will refuse to convict and if that happens, he is convinced the Democrats will pay dearly at the polls in 2020.

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