It’s the latest move to bring wind turbines to Niagara and Orleans counties. A clean energy company unveiled its plans to put more than 40 turbines along Lake Ontario.
Neighbors, friends and even family members now finding themselves on opposite sides of the proposed wind turbines in the towns of Yates and Somerset. But they are coming together to find out more details about the project and how it’ll effect their community.
“This is a wonderful opportunity for us to have growth in this little town,” said Linda Fisk, who supports the wind turbine proposal.
“We’re not against renewal energy. Our complaint is that it’s really not appropriate for this sighting,” said Pam Atwater, president of  Save Ontario Shores, a group that’s been against the turbine project.  
After years of questions and many concerns, people are getting their first look at why Apex Clean Energy chose their area for a wind turbine project.  
“What environmental considerations, what property considerations, construction considerations all go into the design of this project,” said Paul Williamson, the project development manager for the Lighthouse Wind Power Project.
It would be 47 wind turbines between Niagara and Orleans counties, which will stand more than 500 feet tall. It’ll be enough to power more than 50,000  homes.
“Number 1 it’ll do tax relief. Number 2 it’ll bring jobs,” said Susan Campbell, a supporter of wind turbine proposal.
“There’s a lot of different types of renewal energy that can go in this area. There’s roof top solar there’s geothermal,” said Kate Kramer, the vice president of Save Ontario Shores.
The turbines would be in clusters along a 12 mile stretch of Lake Ontario. Apex says more than 100 people have signed on.
Those who are against the project say it’ll change the area from rural to more industrial.
“The blades we found out are now longer thn what they originally stated so that has a ramification with noise,” said Atwater.
“I’ve been to windmill fields, they’re not noisy,” said Fisk.
“None of the turbines in this layout are any closer, in fact  all of them are more than 1/3 of a mile from any none participating house,” said Williamson.
There will be more info sessions as the project moves forward. Apex plans to submit its application by early next year.
If it’s approved, they plan to have the turbines operational by 2022.