Erie County District Attorney: Deputy convicted of assault and other charges should be fired

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Erie County District Attorney John Flynn says it’s all about moral integrity, and that’s why sheriff’s deputy Kenneth Achtyl not be allowed to keep his job.

Last week, a jury found Achtyl guilty of falsifying business documents, official misconduct and assault. This was all in connection to an incident that happened at a bills game in 2017. He was involved in an altercation with a Bills fan who was tailgating.

Flynn says, his suggestion is based on morality clause for for people who work in the public domain.

Flynn says, his suggestion is based on morality clause for for people who work in the public domain.

He says in past convictions, if the person was found guilty of a moral integrity crime, then that person would lose his or her job.

“It’s extremely important that individuals, that are paid, their salary, paid for by the taxpayer have moral integrity,” he said. “They are not either stealing from the taxpayer, they are not abusing their position that the taxpayer is paying them to do, and they are doing nothing to deviate from the standards that the taxpayer expects.”

“And this case right here, I think that the argument could be made. And I would quite frankly, make the argument, that being found guilty by a jury of his peers, of falsifying business records and official misconduct is a violation of that same kind of principles talked about in these cases,” Flynn said.

A representative from the Erie County Sheriff’s Office says Achtyl’s employment with the department is under review.

The spokesperson also says, that Sheriff Timothy Howard is consulting with “various individuals” regarding the fate of Achtyl’s employment.

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