Over the past few years, some Buffalo Bills fans have been featured in videos shared on websites like Deadspin and Barstool Sports, which show them jumping off vehicles and crashing through tables. 

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz wants fans to stop the antics this football season. 

“People have been hurt, seriously hurt,” Poloncarz said. “It’s only a matter of time before someone dies.”

Poloncarz met with Bills officials on Wednesday to discuss how to keep fans safe and change the way Bills fans are perceived. 

In the last 18 months, there have been plenty of injuries related to fan activities near the stadium, Poloncarz said. 

“We had one gentleman who set himself on fire,” Poloncarz said. “We had another person who was basically near-paralyzed from breaking their back, another person who snapped their leg.”

 “What we want people to understand is, not only does this make the community look bad but you’re putting yourself at risk,” Poloncarz explained. 

The Bills are working with Erie County and New York State on millions of dollars in upgrades to help improve fan safety. 

The Bills offer a list of tailgating guidelines on their website.