Over the course of the 12 days, the Erie County Fair usually attracts about a million visitors.

Monday marked the start of a second week of the fair and fair officials say attendance has been on par with last time the fair took place — which was 2019.

“Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were a little less busy,” said Jessica Underberg fair manager. “Saturday, Sunday and so far today are more busy.”

“The first few days were slow, the last few days were above average , so we’re looking for a good rest of the week,” said Scott Kolassa owner of Kitchen Made Candy, who has been a fair vendor for several decades. “So if mother nature cooperates we should be doing great.”

Fair officials have made several changes this year to adapt to covid-19, like online ticket sales and more vendors are taking credit cards. Rows of vendors were also moved to make way for more tables and chairs.

“There were a few isles outside where we had something on each side and a stand in the center. We took that out and actually it seems to be working out very well,” said Underberg. “Just to give everyone more space.”