Erie County Legislature is stepping up efforts preventing wind turbine placement in the lake

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A resolution opposing wind turbines from being placed in Lake Erie has been introduced to the Erie County Legislature.

Earlier this year, a company reached out to the Town of Evans, expressing interest in placing wind farms just outside the shorelines in the water.

Erie County Legislator John Mills represents this area, he says his constituents don’t want to see towering wind farm in their water.

“The residents are upset about it, I mean, it’s not a matter of strictly aesthetics, it’s more environmental we don’t want to go backwards on environmental in this area,”  Mills said. “We have a great fresh water lake, we have the best fresh water fisheries in the world, right here.”

The issue of putting wind turbines in water has become popular over the years. On the other end of Lake Erie a project proposes to install six wind turbines in the water near Cleveland .

The authors of the resolution say, this is their chance to get ahead of the issue.

“I think there’s enough windmills on land, when you drive around our area in Erie County, that justify the fact that we’re very open to having these things here,” Mills said. “I just think putting them in Lake Erie is a disaster.”

This isn’t the first time the county legislature has addressed this issue. About 10 years ago, another company approached the Town of Evans about installing a wind farm in the water.

“The county legislature, at that time, went on record in opposition to wind farms, because it’s coming up again, we decided to clock in another resolution stating our concerns again,” said Lynne Dixon District 9.

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