The Erie County Legislature has announced the passage of legislation allowing furloughed federal employees in the county a 90-day extension to pay property taxes.

Legislator Lynne Dixon requested the legislation on January 25.

A bill had been passed by the State Legislature that allows local governments to extend the property tax deadline without penalties or interest.

“I’d like to thank the Erie County Department of Real Property Tax Services for moving quickly on my request and my colleagues in the Legislature for supporting a measure to support furloughed employees here in in Erie County,” Dixon said. “This extension will provide relief for many employees who endured weeks without a paycheck. Unfortunately these employees could find themselves in a similar situation in a week when the temporary agreement between the President and Congress concludes. I’m hopeful our elected officials in Washington can come together and find a way to fund the government long-term. Their actions have real consequences, whether they realize it or not, and our federal employees shouldn’t be caught in the middle.”