LANCASTER, N.Y. (WIVB) — A Lancaster woman is facing grand larceny charges after police say she was holding nine dogs captive in her home.

At least one of the dogs has serious injuries.

Keith Linkner hired Andrea White to watch his dog Nyxxi for two weeks while he was out of town for work. He said he vetted her before dropping off Nyxxi at White’s house on July 18.

“I asked her a bunch of questions regarding her background, she informed me she was a licensed vet tech and she had years of experience watching dogs,” Linkner said.

He said when he tried to arrange a time to pick up Nyxxi, White made excuses as to why she couldn’t meet.

Three weeks into the stay, Linkner said White told him she was in a car accident and Nyxxi ran away.

He said he started looking for Nyxxi with the help of Sherlock Bones Lost ‘N Hound Dog Recovery and No Paws Left Behind.

When things weren’t adding up, he called Lancaster police.

Lieutenant Jonathan Ziders said detectives investigated and eventually received information that allowed them to execute a search warrant at the house Wednesday night.

They not only found Nyxxi, but also several other dogs.

“We located several dogs in the home as well as the suspect. At that point she was taken into custody and charged with, at this time, grand larceny,” said Lieutenant Ziders. “11 of the dogs were removed and some of them were brought back here. Others were taken to other local dog controls.”

Police later made a correction to this information, noting that there were only nine dogs total.

Linkner was nearby during the raid and was able to reunite with Nyxxi at soon as it was safe. He said she started jumping and her tail started wagging as soon as she saw him.

Nyxxi has a broken arm, missing teeth, and open wounds on her neck, which Linkner said the vet told him is from being tied up with a rope.

Linkner said Nyxxi will need her leg amputated.

“She’s in great spirits, however the physical damage that she has and the pain that she’s going through is tough,” he said. “She’s happy to be home, she got to sleep with me last night as usual.”

Linkner said he’s not sure what White was trying to gain from this. He said he even offered her a reward to return Nyxxi and she didn’t want it.

“The only thing I want is this woman to not do this to anybody else not any other dog or pet for that matter. This woman is evil.”

He said he’s usually on guard, but for some reason this time, he let it down. He urges people to thoroughly look into anyone you’re going to have watching your pets.

“Background checks, call the references, look into this person,” he said.

Two of the dogs in White’s home were licensed to her, but regarding six of the other dogs, it’s not clear who they belonged to.

White has been released on her own recognizance and is due back in court on August 25.

Police said there could be more charges pending.

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(Correction: Police originally stated there were a total of 11 dogs in the home, when there were actually nine. News 4 has since updated this story to reflect that.)