4 quotes from the Erie County Executive Debate

Erie County

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A memorable Erie County Executive Debate covered a myriad of issues, got heated at times, and had memorable quotes.

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This is public service. It’s not supposed to be a career and you’re not supposed to get rich doing it.

Lynne Dixon

A Dixon campaign ad accuses Poloncarz of “orchestrating himself a big pay raise”, but the candidate acknowledged an independent salary board determined it was time for pay raises for county officials.

Poloncarz said the raise, which takes effect next year, is the first such since 1996.

Dixon did not say she would give some money back or donate it, if elected.

Why does it matter? Because the San Diego Chargers are the Los Angeles Chargers. The St. Louis Rams are the Los Angeles Rams. The Oakland Raiders are about to be the Las Vegas Raiders. That all happened after we got that lease done.

Mark Poloncarz

Dixon had accused Poloncarz of writing a book about the Bills’ 2013 lease negotiations to try and generate attention for himself.

Poloncarz steered into the specifics, which he says scared away potential bidders and kept the Bills in Buffalo.

I don’t sit in an echo chamber surrounded by people trying to figure out how to score some political win.

Lynne Dixon

Dixon was asked about her party affiliation as an independent, and pressed for an example where she broke ranks with legislature Republicans.

Dixon talked about her constituents and emphasized her life out in the community.

It snows here. It snows for a long time. We had a very bad early spring, you know how bad it was, delayed the start of road construction this year. Last year, we had a bad fall.

Mark Poloncarz

Poloncarz said the reason there was money left over from last year’s road budget was simply, the weather was too poor for road repairs; not in any way stashing money away for what would be an election year.

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