Three Amhersts take on walking challenge


AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) — It’s a battle between three towns with the same name. Officials in Amherst, New York; Amherst, New Hampshire and Amherst, Nova Scotia are challenging each other to see which community can walk the farthest in February.

If you live in Amherst, here’s how you can participate:

  1. Simply start your walk or jog.
  2. Then, record your distance and submit the total to the coordinator for your town with the subject line “Amherst to Amherst Walking Challenge.”

Leaders in Amherst, New York say this is a great way to stay active with your community.

“We all know, myself included, that we all have to get healthier, that it’s good to get outside, despite our conditions here in western New York,” Amherst Town Supervisor Brian Kulpa says. “So, we thought this is a great way to get the community involved in something fun. And more or less, show people what the real Amherst is all about.”

If you want to keep track of how far your community has traveled, just check the Amherst Walking Challenge Facebook event page on Mondays and Thursdays in February.

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