Three Chilean nationals arrested in connection to Amherst burglaries


AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) — Police in Amherst say three people from the South American nation of Chile are under arrest as officers continue to investigate burglaries in the town.

Christian Antonio Rodriguez, 35; Hector Rene, 36; and Angelica Marie Rivera Perez, 27, were all held pending arraignment. Police in Amherst said all three suspects face several felony charges are are wanted downstate on similar charges.

Police said on Saturday, a resident of another jurisdiction alerted officers to a suspicious vehicle in her neighborhood. Police said the description was similar to a vehicle believed involved in recent burglaries in East Amherst.

Once stopped, police said an Amherst officer with a K-9 found the three Chilean nationals inside with a variety of forged or fraudulent documents.

Police said a search warrant then turned up evidence linking the three people inside to recent burglaries. No specific charges were initially provided by police.

“I think they picked the wrong town,” said John Gnann, a longtime resident of Amherst. “Police here are great. They’re really right on the ball, so I’m not surprised at all. In fact, I belong to a neighborhood watch website Next Door and it was all over that, so people look out for each other here and like I say, they picked the wrong town.”

It was a string of burglaries last Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday on Amherst streets like Dante Court, Covent Garden Lane and Village Pointe Lane which put Amherst Police and neighbors on high alert.

“I’m not surprised those houses were burglarized,” said Mitch Kohut, of Amherst. Those are high end, wealthy (homes). But Amherst Police must be doing a good job catching them and everything. I mean, this is supposed to be one of the Safest Towns in America, so we’re just proving again that police are doing their job and doing good work.”

All three suspects are held pending arraignment on felony charges.

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