BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Antibody testing has begun in Erie County.

Wegmans tells News 4 that five of its locations were among the grocery stores where nurses from the New York State Department of Health conducted tests on Sunday.

“We were notified late yesterday morning that the state would like to conduct antibody testing at approximately 20 grocery stores throughout the state of New York today,” Wegmans representative Michele Mehaffy said.

These tests are designed to tell if a person had previously been infected with the coronavirus, in turn helping state leaders determine the spread of the virus and other information on who was impacted by it.

Here are the Wegmans stores where testing took place:

  • James Street, Syracuse
  • Johnson City, Binghamton
  • Amherst Street, Buffalo
  • Alberta Drive, Amherst
  • East Avenue, Rochester

At each store, between 100 and 150 tests were conducted by approximately five nurses at the scene.

“The nursing staff was responsible for engaging and consenting the individuals who participated,” Mehaffy said.

As for the other 15 stores where testing took place, that information is not yet clear.