Cheektowaga dog fight, that ended with one dead dog and one person injured, comes to an end this week


CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB) — It was a bittersweet homecoming for three dogs in Cheektowaga, who were caught in the middle of a dog fight.

The dogs were among four who were set to be euthanized after one of them bit and killed a neighbor’s pug and bit a person who was trying to stop the fight.

The incident happened back in 2018. The dogs managed to get through a fence that was between the two properties. The pug on the other side of the fence was attacked. 

After months of litigation, a judge decided that only one dog be euthanized instead of all of them. 

The lawyer and the owner of the dogs who were involved in the incident say no one wins in this situation. 

“Basically, a good Samaritan saw what was happening to the pug , jumped the fence and started beating on the dogs with a shovel, to try to save the pug, that’s a pretty brave act,” said Matt Albert attorney. “One of the dogs, the male dog Sudan, turned around and bit the human being that was beating on him. The other three, still didn’t bite, even when they’re being hit by a shovel.”

As far as what’s next, the owner of the dogs involved in the altercation, put up new fencing.  He says, he hopes he and his neighbor can get a long in the future.

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