CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB) – The Town of Cheektowaga has reached a deal in its legal battle with local hotels housing asylum seekers.

The settlement states that asylum seekers currently being housed at a hotel on Dingens Street be moved to a hotel on Genesee Street by next Monday, Oct. 16.

Town leaders tell News 4 that this gives the town some control over the situation, without the risk of judge decision and appeals that would take much longer.

“While this is not a perfect scenario, it was the best to get this agreement in place for the betterment of the Cheektowaga residents,” said Supervisor Diane Benczkowski of Cheektowaga.

“No other hotel in town can be used for asylum seekers and the solid, solid end date that all migrants will be out of Cheektowaga is at the end of 2024,” Benczkowski continued.

In late August, the process of moving asylum seekers from a Dingens Street hotel that was set to be closed to a hotel in the town of Amherst had begun. However, there was a setback.

“The other hotel on Genesee Street we had occupied had a major sprinkler leak, so then we had to move the Genesee Street Hotel asylum seekers to Dingens,” added Benczkowski.

“Our chief of Police, Brian Gould, has been very active in these negotiations for us. He’s in contact daily with DocGo and actually DocGo had hired a new security company that is working very well with our Police Department,” Benczkowski said when asked how the move will be enforced.

This also blocks more asylum seekers from being located to the Dingens Street hotel.

The settlement also says the hotels must work to reduce the number of single men staying at hotels on Genesee Street.

Come December of next year, all asylum seekers will need to be out of the hotels on Genesee Street.

“We are hoping that social services will take a part in the whole process, submit their application and help them find their own housing independent of just living in a hotel,” Benczkowski concluded.

See the full PDF of the settlement below.

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