Maryvale Schools planning to open its classrooms sooner than planned


CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB)–One of the only local school districts to start fully remote is now planning to open its classrooms sooner than planned.

Maryvale Schools hadn’t planned to have students back in the classroom until after Thanksgiving because of their original concerns like changing public health data, staffing and busing concerns, and the availability of rapid testing. But now the Superintendent tells me those issues have evolved to the point where they are no longer limiting factors.

“There is no reason to wait until after Thanksgiving,” Superintendent Joseph D’Angelo said.

After being one of the only local school districts to begin with all virtual learning, Maryvale Schools now plan to reopen with a hybrid schedule on October 19 for Special Ed, the elementary grades on November 2, and Middle and High School students would return by November 16. Superintendent Joseph D’Angelo says one of the main reasons fir moving up the timeline is the recent availability of Erie County’s new Point of Care machines offering 15 minute results.

“If a child comes to school with a runny nose or sore throat, we have to do specific things, send them home. So the rapid testing really helps us out a lot to be able to sort things out and get kids  back in school,” D’Angelo added.

“Oh he was ecstatic. He was happy.”

Sherri Anderson has three kids in the Maryvale district.

“The good is that they’re just ready to go back because they’ve been home since March so they’re ready. The only worry I have is how everybody’s gonna handle a positive case and what the procedure for that is,” Anderson added.

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