(WIVB) — Southwest Airlines canceled hundreds of flights on Monday, following a weekend of major disruptions across the country.

Southwest is blaming problems on air traffic control, staffing and bad weather.

Tuesday morning at Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, the airline already began seeing an hour delay for those heading to Orlando, Florida.

But it was a frustrating long weekend for many, with those issues moving right into Monday. According to The Associated Press, Southwest canceled 350 flights across the country on just Monday alone.

We spoke with one man who had five flights canceled over the weekend.

“There are families in that airport with kids who are just laying around doing nothing,” Phil Ribaudo says. “They’re just stuck.”

He was finally able to make the trip home Monday morning on another airline, but had to spend money and get a hotel in the meantime.

That Jamestown native was stuck in Tampa since last Friday. The airline offered a “tremendous” apology to customers and employees, citing weather and external constraints for the problems.

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