Brother of Mercy nursing home begins second round of vaccine shots today


CLARENCE, N.Y. (WIVB)–As of today, about 76% of all nursing home residents in Western New York have received vaccinations.

The Brothers of Mercy nursing home in Clarence began the second round of shots today.

 There is a sense of hope and optimism among some of the 300 Brothers of Mercy nursing home residents who began getting their second shots today. CEO Peter Eimer says some of them compare it to their memories of the polio vaccine.

“At the time, they didn’t know too much about polio but they said this vaccination is going to get rid of polio and it did. So, our residents are so in favor of this vaccine because they have seen a vaccine help them live longer in the past,” Eimer said.

Nearly 100% of this nursing homes residence opted for the shot and among the 500 staff members, Eimer is hoping for 80% participation.

“We see this vaccination as the beginning of the end of the virus,” Eimer added.

Before the shots even began last month, Brothers of Mercy began taking part in a study to determine how soon patients develop the antibodies to Covid. What they found is that about half of their staff members already have some level of antibodies in their systems.

“They have had some level of antibodies never having had the virus, just having been in the vicinity, it must be showing that your building some antibody development even though you have never had the virus yourself,” Eimer said.

The study is also tracking how much the antibodies increase after the first shot and the second shots. More results should be known in a few weeks.

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