Clarence vodka distillery now making hand sanitizer


CLARENCE, N.Y. (WIVB) — During this critical time, Uncle Jumbo’s American Vodka is changing up its product and switching to making hand sanitizer.

For the past two years Nick Kotrides has been building up his distillery. ” Five days ago, if you would’ve told me we were a hand sanitizer company I would’ve said, ‘That must’ve come out of left field,” said the President and CEO.

Uncle Jumbo American Vodka has stopped making its staple and instead is manufacturing what the country is in need of, hand sanitizer. “Thee only thing that has changed for us is the formula that people are using provided by the World Health Organization,” said Kotrides.  

This high proof alcohol is usually thrown out but now Uncle Jumbo’s is using it as the main ingredient. “We can’t make toilet paper but we can make hand sanitizer and like other distilleries are helping out,” he said.

The company is now working around the clock, bottling these hand sanitizers for Tops Markets and first responders. 

Those involved say it will take some time and collaboration between companies to bottle and label each one, but Kotrides is behind the effort.

“We can tackle this,” he said. “In WW2, Americans were asked to fight in foreign lands.. all we have to do is get on the couch and get this done.”

And he’s happy to be working and helping the country during a time like this.

“When this all said and done and we beat it, we’ll go back to making vodka again,” he said.

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