Families of Boeing 737 crash getting help from families of flight 3407


CLARENCE, N.Y. (WIVB)– The parents of one of the victims from the deadly Boeing 737 plane crash in Ethiopia are now fighting to make the skies safer and they’re getting help from other victims’ families from plane crashes, including flight 3407.

Jennifer West lost her husband when flight 3407 crashed into their Clarence Center home in 2009.

She says it doesn’t matter the plane crash, all families are just trying to make the skies safer.

This comes after two deadly Boeing 737 max plane crashes, one last year in October, the other earlier this year.

Investigators believe a faulty sensor cause the plane to take a dive.

The parents of one of the victims in the Ethiopia crash created an online petition to get pilots re-certified for the Boeing 737’s.

The petition is addressed to the Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation.

Just this week that petition was sent to the families of flight 3407. West says they all signed it, as they want to do all they can to help.

“I believe that they’re starting in a great way by petitioning the FAA to say hey take a look, we’re not going to sit down and let this happen again because they don’t want this to happen to anyone either and for the same reasons we did this. You know we don’t want anyone else to lose their life,” West said.

She says the FAA needs to be proactive instead of reactive.

West added fighting to help protect other families from losing a loved one is the best way to make sure their loved ones’ deaths aren’t in vain.

She also sent the petition to a network of other families who’ve lost someone in a plane crash.

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