CLARENCE, N.Y. (WIVB) — Trooper James O’Callaghan with New York State Police shared some safety tips to keep everyone safe this Halloween.

Starting with candy, Trooper O’Callaghan advises parents to check their kids’ candy before they let them eat it.

Homemade goodies or anything handed out in sandwich baggies should be avoided. O’Callaghan says, “you just don’t know what is in them.”

Also be sure to get rid of any loose candy and anything in wrappers that looks like it might have been tampered with. Something else to look out for is candy that might actually be a drug-infused edible.

It is unlikely that these will be handed out because they are expensive, but it is still possible.

“Make sure it’s all wrapped in its original wrapping, it’s store bought and you recognize the name,” O’Callaghan said. “No loose candy. I say that because edibles are now legal in New York. That’s marijuana-based with THC in it. And if your child consumes that, you’re looking at a four-hour to a full-day high. So, that might actually be an M&M, it might be a Skittle, it might be a gummy bear. Those things, if they’re loose without being in that store wrapper, sealed, throw that out.”

Packaging for edibles can look very similar to regular candy products, so be on the lookout.

For safety on the roads, Trooper O’Callaghan recommends parents get glow-up sticks to put on their kids. It will not only help them spot their child easier, but it will also make them more visible to drivers at night.

“To be safe while driving, don’t drive distracted, don’t be intoxicated, and the other big thing is speed. As simple as that sounds, just your car rolling through some of these neighborhoods might be just fast enough,” said Trooper O’Callaghan.

From Friday to today, O’Callaghan says New York State Police have arrested over 140 people for DWI and investigated over 570 traffic collisions. Unfortunately, it’s expected that there will be more tonight. Be safe and have a happy Halloween!

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