EAST AURORA, N.Y. (WIVB) — You could feel the excitement at East Aurora Middle School when sixth-grader Logan Neri had a very special visit from his favorite Buffalo Bills player.

If there’s one thing to know about sixth-grader Logan Neri, he loves the Buffalo Bills.

Naturally, he was pumped when East Aurora Middle School won a visit from some Bills players. But, when his favorite safety Jordan Poyer couldn’t make it, he made it his mission to meet him.

“I asked Ms. Vitello, my English teacher if she wanted to help me out. She said only if you get some of your essay done over the weekend,” Neri said.

Neri got to work writing a letter to number 21. In blue and red ink, he wrote about Poyer as a role model and shared his love of football. On Monday, his English teacher Courtney Vitello mailed the note.

“Do you think I’m going to win? Do you think he’s going to read it? Do you think that he’s going to read it? Am I even going to hear back from him? And I was like ‘well, you let him know how you feel about him not being there when we had the assembly.’ He said, ‘if anything I want him to know how awesome he is,” said Vitello.

When Poyer received the letter Tuesday after practice, he gave the school 40 minutes’ notice and made a dream come true.

“I pulled up to the school, went and got him out of swim class. I think a lot of you guys saw the video, he was super excited to see me. We hung out for 30 minutes,” Poyer said. “We talked about life, man. We just talked about some of the stuff he’s going through. Just trying to be positive. Logan, he’s a good kid, you can tell he’s got a great spirit about him.”

“For that split second, I looked at him for a second, and I was like who is that? And then it started clicking, ‘oh, that’s Jordan Poyer,'” said Neri.

And the cherry on top, Neri got a signed Poyer jersey and tickets to a Bills game.

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