BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The New York State Commission of Correction is investigating what lead to an Erie County inmate being declared brain dead. Sean Riordan was an inmate at the Erie County Holding Center, and his family wants answers, too.

“Sean didn’t drink, and Sean did not even like to be around people that drank because it bothered him so much,” said Christine Riordan, Sean’s mother.

Christine Riordan is a grieving mother, trying to find out what happened to her son, 30-year-old Sean Riordan while he was locked up at the Erie County Holding Center.

Riordan had been arrested on an outstanding bench warrant, and his mother says he did not have a mark on him. But by Sunday morning Riordan was admitted to Buffalo General Medical Center in a coma and on life support.

“We just don’t understand how a perfectly healthy 29-year-old kid could go into the Holding Center for four days and come out in a coma and on life support, and no one can give me any answers,” said Riordan.

Christine Riordan said, the Sheriff’s Office told the family Sean collapsed, went into cardiac arrest, and was revived, but he later went into cardiac arrest again at Buffalo General.

Riordan was declared brain dead Monday, but his mother asked that he remain on life support until Tuesday, his 30th birthday.

Christine Riordan added her son could not have been drinking — his drug of choice was heroin.

“Sean was determined to beat this demon no matter how long it took, and it appears he was headed in that direction,” said Riordan.

Christine told us, that Sean is still on life support because he is an organ donor.

To be clear, Sean Riordan may be brain dead, but he is still on life support for the purpose of organ donation.

The family told us, that Riordan’s heart, lungs and kidneys have given many others a new lease on life, but he is to be removed from life support Friday.

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