HAMBURG, N.Y. (WIVB) — Hamburg’s Braymiller’s Lanes is up for sale after November’s storm brought its roof and walls crashing in. Meanwhile, another Hamburg business is on the rebound after that same storm put its 100th year of operation in danger.

Howard Braymiller, the third-generation owner of Braymiller’s Lanes, is smiling through the pain of losing his family’s 80-year-old bowling alley. November’s heavy and wet snow wrote the bowling alley’s final chapter.

Their roof collapsed and walls caved in under the weight of the snow.

“It’s very hard even to look at it now because it’s been there forever,” Braymiller said.

Braymiller worked for months creating a plan to rebuild. Ultimately, insurance came up one million dollars short of what he needed, and the now empty lot in the heart of Hamburg’s village is up for sale.

“We came up with new plans for a new building, but we were still like $600,000 short and it just wasn’t really doable to move forward,” added Braymiller. “We didn’t want to get into that kind of debt.”

Governor Kathy Hochul, a Hamburg native, visited the bowling alley after the collapse.

Braymiller said the governor offered help to rebuild, but never heard from her office again.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for Governor Hochul released this statement to News 4, “We have been in communication with the owners and continue to explore options to support them.”

Braymiller’s Lanes before and after demolition

That same November storm collapsed eight of Les Draudt’s greenhouses.

It left the century-old business hanging in the balance.

“This is our hundredth year,” Draudt said. “It wasn’t looking good in November, but yeah, this is a hundred-year-old family farm.”

Fast forward four months, he’s smiling and rebuilding three of those greenhouses by hand.

“It’s a tough thing to deal with. But we’re here and looking forward to the season,” added Draudt.

In the end, Braymiller and Draudt just have two words — thank you.

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