11-year-old Frontier student helps save the day when a fellow student brings a firearm to school


HAMBURG, N.Y. (WIVB) — A typical trip to the bathroom turned into a scary situation for Jayden Thompson who attends Frontier Middle School.

He says on Tuesday he was taking a bathroom break when another student spoke to him and told him to leave the restroom. He said the student then showed him a pouch containing bullets.

“It was kind of scary at first, but it got weird,” said Jayden. “Like why would he do that? And, I just started to wonder.”

Jayden says he then left the restroom and told his homeroom teacher.

“I asked her if I could talk to her in the hallway, then I told her,” he said. “And then, another kid who was just in the same bathroom as me, he was waiting for me outside, he went in and saw the same boy. So, my teacher stopped him.”

To celebrate Jayden’s heroism, his mom bought him a cookie cake.

“Thankfully, he knew enough to get out and to go tell right away, and thank god. Because it could have been awful,” said Jillian Kalbeck, Jayden’s mom. “I could have been planning a funeral today.”

Frontier parents say even though a tragedy was averted, they’re upset with how the district handled the situation.

“We were kept in the dark, my son is a sixth-grader and he came home saying, did you hear what happened? And I said no,” said Dawn Tisdale mom of 3. “I went and checked my email, it was a basic broad letter that just says we handled the situation.”

“It didn’t seem like there was a sense of urgency,” said Colleen Bugman district mom. “And, they didn’t even use the lockdown protocol, that our kids have been training for years to be prepared for this type of situation.”

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