HAMBURG, N.Y. (WIVB) — About two weeks prior to the start of the Erie County Fair, a UH60 Blackhawk landed inside the fairgrounds as practice before it flies there again to be put on display.

It was a 30-minute flight for the helicopter from its NY Army National Guard home base in Rochester. The pilot stuck the practice landing.

“We had come out here about a month ago to look at the ground before we flew in today,” Maj Michael Jamieson said, the pilot.

The Blackhawk is used to evacuate injured personnel in war zones. It’s an upgrade from the model before, with better flight controls, improved rotor blades and more. You’ll get to go inside the helicopter at the fair and learn more about how it’s flown.

“At the fair, we’re going to have some members available to just kind of explain the helicopter, just do some community interaction… show them what the mission is, let people get inside the helicopter and look at it,” Maj Jamieson said. “They see us flying over all the time and it’s our opportunity to show them what we do and what our capabilities are.”

This type of helicopter has flown in conflicts in Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Somalia, The Balkans, Afghanistan and other areas of the Middle East.

You can see the helicopter at the Erie County Fair from August 10-21.

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