HAMBURG, N.Y. (WIVB) — Frontier Central School District is completely remote for this week and the next, after several teachers contracted COVID-19.

The Superintendent says he’s disappointed teachers aren’t doing more to protect themselves. The union says that’s not the case.

Frontier parent Ahren Vogl says “We were all pretty much expecting this to happen at some point sooner or later…It is a little alarming at how quickly it spread amongst the staff members.”

Four teachers at Frontier High School tested positive for the virus. Because of that, classes are virtual until at least November 13.

“Will we have to extend it because there’s more cases?” Vogl asks.

School Superintendent Richard Hughes says the teachers were exposed outside of school, and he’s disappointed that more precautions weren’t made between the staff.

“In one instance, I’m not surprised that the growth of our COVID numbers, in our district alone, and in others, have been because of the adults,” Hughes said. “But I’m also surprised that decisions are not being made in the best interest of our students and our community.”

Another parent says “That’s pretty rough to do. Especially when the school is saying they supposedly have all these guidelines to keep everybody safe, but it’s been a school that’s not following these guidelines so I’m not sure we can blame the teachers on this.”

The teachers union released a statement, saying it’s offensive for Hughes to try and shame a handful a teachers. They say there has been a lack of preparation.