Heavy Thunderstorms a rude awakening for some residents in Hamburg


HAMBURG, N.Y. (WIVB)–Did the heavy thunderstorms wake you up in the middle of the night?

It was a much more rude awakening for some residents in Hamburg.

Amy Stelmach’s backyard on Smith Road in Hamburg had a very healthy maple tree come down just before 3 a.m. It broke off falling on her garage causing it to lean to one side.

It’s one of many healthy trees that came down in a narrow swath last night.

“I just heard like this wind like nothing I’ve ever heard before where I woke up Amy,” Dan Deck who woke up to the storm said.

“And then he told me it’s bad. I said what’s bad. He said your tree fell down. I honestly thought like a branch and then I looked out the window and we couldn’t see anything because the lights were off but I assessed it and I was like oh goodness it’s gonna be bad,” Stelmach said.

Her garage is now leaning to one side from the weight of the tree and two cars are under there somewhere.

“It was like a snowstorm. You look out and there were leaves and stuff slapping against the house, bark flying all over the place and my wife’s umbrellas were flying through the air.”

Less than a half mile down Smith Road, Mark Lorquet describes a hail storm.

“I believe it could’ve been just a minor tornado the way it skipped around and when I was looking outside, the circular rotation on my deck and the way the ice was hitting the house. My corn out front is completely flattened but it’s like swirled,” Lorquet said.

The National Weather Service says there was no indication of tornadic activity on radar at 2 or 3 in the morning so this was more likely to have been what they call a microburst that took out a line of trees and barely affected anything on either side.

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