Several Hamburg residents are upset over talks of new Verizon tower


The Town of Hamburg is looking into installing a new Verizon Tower to help improve cell phone reception and limit dropped calls. If approved by the town’s planning board, the Verizon cell tower would be installed on the property of Watermark Wesleyan Church on McKinley Parkway.

Residents against the twoer say it’ll be an eyesore and that it’s unnessasary.

When Verizon approached Watermark Wesleyan Church and asked if they can build a cell tower on their property, Communication Director Matt Gould said the church said yes.

“We looked into it did due diligence on our end, didn’t see major problems with it and decided they can proceed that further with the town,” Gould said.

According to Gould, a major benefit from the tower would be stronger cell-phone reception.

“Well, better coverage,” Gould said. “We experience some coverage outages even on our campus here and certainly when the fair is in session, which happens to be right now, there’s a lot of cell usage in the area so cell service tends to be stressed at those certain times.”

Verizon set up several balloons behind the church to show the how tall and how visable the tower would be. However a few residents who live near the area don’t want the tower there at all. Including Hamburg resident Bob Sedia.

“We learned that it’s not needed and also it’s disruprive to our community,” Sedia said. “They’ll have to be cutting down trees and building roads.”

He said he’d like to see the tower somewhere else instead of his backyard.

“Build it in an appropriate location, if it’s required,” he said. “Build it and the right height and also build it for the future.”

Both Verizon representatives and members of the hamburg planning board were scoping out the location for the cell tower on Thursday. They will discuss these plans further at the next planning board meeting.

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