BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Elections in New York State will look different this year.

The Senate and Congressional primaries are being pushed back to August, after new district lines drawn by the Democrat-led state majority were ruled unconstitutional by a judge.

The Gubernatorial and Assembly primaries, however, are still on track to be held in June — unless lawmakers or Governor Kathy Hochul decide to push them back as well.

Jeremy Zellner, the Democratic Commissioner for the Erie County Board of Elections, joined News 4 at 4 Monday to discuss the upcoming primaries. The full interview can be seen above.

The Board of Elections also announced the request portal for an absentee ballot for the June 28 primary is now open. Ballots will reportedly not be mailed until they are certified by the state, which is expected to take place May 5.

Due to new state law, voters who receive a mail-in ballot will not be able to use a regular ballot during early voting between June 18 and June 26, nor on Primary Day. Voters requesting absentee status may only vote in person via affidavit, which will not be counted unless it is confirmed that no other ballot was cast.

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