KENMORE, N.Y. (WIVB)–After nearly a century, a Kenmore jeweler is closing its doors for the last time this weekend.

We spoke with one of the owners to reflect on decades of changes, and why they felt this was the right time to move on.

In 1929, the store started across the street next to what was Kay’s Pharmacy and four generations later the owners of Hofert Jewelers on Delaware Avenue in Kenmore have decided to close the shop’s doors for good after nearly a century in business.

“Great grandfather Hofert, who started the store with Mr. Mayloff, originally was carving legs on the carousel horses at Herschell Carousel company and he took a job as a jeweler downtown where he met Mr. Mayloff and the two of them decided to go into business together,” said Susan Hofert. “The business is still great, the people are still supporting us, and we thought this is a perfect time to say thank you and exit while we’re still pleasing people and doing things to make their lives easier.”

Through those years the store has survived evolving styles and most significantly, the Great Depression.

“A luxury item, we would think jewelry. But in the day, jewelry stores would sell razors, electric razors or shavers, and watches. Everyone needed a watch back then. So they spent a lot of time selling things people did need, Hofert added.

And through it all, the family says they’re forever thankful for the support they’ve had from the community.

Hofert says, “we’ve been through a lot together with our community, and we’re just eternally grateful. We won’t forget them, and I don’t think they’ll forget us and I hope they don’t.”

Susan says throughout the years, one of her favorite memories has been the number of people who bought engagement rings from the store, starting their families with the Hofert family.

She tells us the plan is to close this Saturday, the 18th, but they’ll most likely extend that until the end of the month.