LANCASTER, N.Y. (WIVB) — There’s a new effort in Lancaster to try and keep drivers from cutting through a residential street to avoid traffic on Transit Road and Harris Hill.

Leaders say a lot of drivers use Stutzman Road and Pleasant View Drive during rush hour, and it causes traffic troubles for people living in the neighborhood. Today Town Supervisor Ronald Ruffino proposed banning left-hand turns from Stutzman Drive during peak hours.

“It will allow these residents to more easily get out, yeah they can’t make a left either, I’m sure that trade off for them for those hours for the piece of mind that they will get for their families, their children, out here playing in front, would be, trade off is much taken in light of this,” Ruffino said.

Based on a traffic study, leaders say putting this “no left-hand” sign up will cut traffic on Stutzman by about 80%.