GLENWOOD, N.Y. (WIVB) — Greg Culver with the Western New York Mountain Biking Association is not happy after a trail camera caught photos of someone taking down trail markers. He said it’s happened several times now and is getting dangerous.

“About 14 years ago — a couple of buddies of mine with the club started a Wednesday race series,” Culver said. “People would come after work, and it’s been great.”

But this year hasn’t been so great for Culver and his Western New York mountain biking buddies.

“Obviously, he knew what he was doing because it was dark and he had a mask on,” said Culver.

Culver told News 4 that since May someone started removing and turning around mountain bike trail markers at Sprague Brook Park.

A trail camera captured these images of a masked person removing the signs under the cover of darkness.

“We just want to find out what’s your beef? What is the big deal?” said Culver. “We would be happy to work with this person and figure out what his problem is or she — we don’t really know for sure.”

Culver said he has permission from Erie County Parks to post the markers along the almost four-mile-long course.

“If it’s someone who’s worried about damage to the trees,” added Culver. “We work with the forester here at the park and we use aluminum nails and take ’em out”

Culver tells us he’s filed a police report and is working with Erie County Park rangers. But, he tells us this whole ordeal went from being a nuisance to dangerous this past Wednesday.

“In part of the race course, we ride up the ravine that runs through the park here,” said Culver. “There’s an east side and a west side. We climb up the west side. There’s a hairpin turn at the bottom and there’s markers to turn you left. Whoever this was literally took them off and re-nailed them pointing to the right which would have literally sent them down a clay embankment ravine.”

Culver said that drop-off is between 30 and 40 feet.

It’s been an especially difficult few years for Culver as he battles stage four kidney cancer.

But, he says the person vandalizing the trails won’t keep him down.

“We’d love to find a common ground where it works for everybody. Because this is everyone’s park — we need to share.”

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