BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A new bill proposed by State Senator Patrick Gallivan (R) would teach drivers education students what to do if they are stopped by police.

Gallivan says the bill is designed to help both drivers and police officers on the proper procedures during a traffic stop, in order to keep everyone safe.

He joined News 4 at 5 on Tuesday to discuss his proposed bill.

“When somebody is stopped by the police in a traffic stop, typically they are nervous, not quite sure how to act,” Gallivan said. “The police officer, of course concerned for their own safety, has a little bit of anxiety about what they’re going to encounter when they see the operator. So this would help to educate drivers about their responsibility.”

The education would happen before a new driver gets their license. Gallivan, a former Erie County Sheriff and New York State Trooper, says the proper procedures are to find a safe spot to pull over, turn the vehicle and radio off and put your hands in plain sight.

“That would help to reduce some of the anxiety of the police officer, and I think it would the driver as well, knowing what they are going to face,” Gallivan said.

All in all, Gallivan hopes that this will create easier traffic stops for all.

“Hopefully,” Gallivan said, “all those things can minimize the misunderstanding or conflict, that we sometimes see leads to very bad things.”

You can watch the full interview segment in the media player above.

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