No solid timeline for opening Sturgeon Point Marina weeks before boating season would normally begin

Erie County

DERBY, N.Y. (WIVB) — Just weeks before the boating season would normally begin, there are plenty of possibilities but no solid timeline for opening up the Sturgeon Point Marina.

Fisherman and boulders are once again looking at starting another season without boats being able to get in Sturgeon Point Marina because so much sand and silt needs to be dredged from behind the break wall.

The town supervisor says there is about three times more sand and silt here than last year and it’s all because of a hole in the brick wall which needs to be fixed once and for all.

Town Supervisor Mary Hosler believes this could finally be the year when the state and federal money comes together to spend $6 million on fixing the root of the problem, a breached break wall.

Town Board Member Michael Schraft sees no reason why the town can’t do both.

“No one debates that project hast to go, but to be very clear we can still dredge the Marina, have it open for our residence, but then also fix the brick wall at the same time,” Schraft said.

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