Bills player fights through wife’s struggle with cancer

Orchard Park

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) — “She’s honestly been kicking butt,” said Buffalo Bills defensive tackle, Kyle Peko about his wife, Giuliana.

She was suddenly diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in June, shortly after the birth of their second child..

“She’s doing good right now”‘ said Peko. “She’s four rounds of chemo in. She’s got eight more left.”

Leslie Frazier, the Bills defensive coordinator, says that seeing Kyle show up every day with the attitude that he does, inspires everyone.

“From a mental health standpoint, there are some benefits and it also helps a guy like Kyle to encourage his wife. I know I’ve had other players who have gone through things once they leave the office and go back, sometimes they’re in a better mood to go back and support and encourage that person who’s going through things at home.”

Peko will not start in Sunday’s season opener. He’s on the practice squad but is almost assured to get the call up to play sometime this season if there’s an injury to other players on the defensive line.

“We kind of talked about it during the last pre-season game. It’s game four, guys are trying to make the team and we think that that’s the biggest thing at that moment, an I kind of stepped back and football was so minimal compared to what my wife’s going through,” said Peko. “So I was just thinking how much of a fighter that she really is.”

Kyle and Giuliana will have a better idea next week, how effective the chemotherapy has been, but in the meantime, Kyle stays focused on what he can do.

“I mean it’s not easy at all, but she’s made it easier for me being here kind of taking care of this. Part of our deal that we have, you know she’s gonna kick butt there and I’ll kick butt here.”

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