ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) — We all know the beer inside stadiums can be a bit ridiculously priced, but if you want a reason to pay for a drink at Highmark Stadium, one beer is helping give back to local kids.

If you buy ‘Pancho’s Legacy Lager,’ part of those proceeds will go to Harrison’s Playmakers. The charity was started by former Bills defensive lineman, Harrison Phillips. It helps empower young people with disabilities.

“Meeting with Harrison, he’s a very humble guy and the passion that he has for Playmakers made it a perfect fit for us,” Nick Rein, who helped create the beer, said.

Nick Rein is the general manager of Taquito Lindo, a Mexican restaurant on Grand Island. Last year, he met with 12 Gates Brewing to create a beer just for the restaurant. They came up with something light and refreshing, and decided to put Pancho’s name on it and give back.

The beer blew up in popularity and is now offered at the stadium.

“It’s really nice to put Pancho’s name back in the stadium again,” Rein said.

Before Pancho Billa passed away, after a battle with cancer, he became a face of Bills Mafia. He exuberated passion toward his team, and kindness toward others.

So, every May 14th, the day he passed, the restaurant and the brewery give 5.14% of the proceeds from the lager to a local cause.

Last year, they gave money to Roswell Park. This upcoming May, they’re going to give to Harrison’s Playmakers.

“We started it to give back to the community — that’s something that Pancho, Ezra, loved to do, and to be able to honor him in that way has been phenomenal,” Rein said.

You can get the beer on tap at Taquito Lindo on Grand Island. The owners said two more locations are opening soon, in Williamsville and Lewiston.

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