Local boutique planning massive expansion despite pandemic, other obstacles

Orchard Park

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB)–It’s a building most people in Orchard Park know or at least have passed by.

This former ski shop, and most recently a fireplace store on North Buffalo Street will soon be home to the newest Blush Boutique.

Lexie Furlong and Vicky Schaffstall started the business about 10 years ago.

They’ve expanded into three locations across Western New York.

And this new space will give them room to sell and store more merchandise.

But this expansion is coming on the heels of a time this mother-in-law and daughter won’t soon forget.

“We just battled back,” Vicky Schaffstall said.

Back in March, Lexie gave birth to her second child Jett.

He came into this world just days before the pandemic hit.

Vicky took over, but this was where she did a lot of her work. From a hospital room, as she underwent treatment for colon cancer.

She discretely ran the business behind-the-scenes this way until she was told they’d have to shut their doors.

And then, she contracted the coronavirus.

“I had to stop my treatments until I was fully recovered from COVID,” Vicky said.

She got so sick, she was sent to St. Joes reserved for COVID patients only.

She spent nearly a week there fighting off the disease.

“It was very frightening, but I will say, we have a great staff our manager stepped up like no one else. The girls worked from home they did try-ons on their back porch. They wrote blogs, they did whatever they could do to keep our business in people’s minds. And I will say, we have the best customers,” Vicky added.

Vicky needed five weeks to fully recover and re-start her cancer treatments.

Lexie also needed time to nurse her newborn baby.

Soon, though the two would come back stronger than ever.

But Lexie and Vicky knew they couldn’t sell their clothing and accessories the same way they did pre-pandemic. So they changed the way you shop, and now offer unique sales on social media that allow you to shop right from your couch.

“We go live on Instagram every Tuesday and Thursday night, and we show items individually with a number, we’ll tell you we have, how many of the sizes, how much it is. And as you’re watching, you just comment ‘sold, the item number and the size you want. And then the next day we’ll call you, or you call us to process your sale. And we’ll do free shipping, or we’ll take it to any location for pickup.” Lexie said

Over the past few months, they’ve found major success in these sales.

So much so, they’re expanding after going through so much.

Cancer, COVID, a newborn, a pandemic.

They’ve battled some of the worst that could hit them, but are still coming out of 2020 better than ever.

“You work so hard, and to think it could easily think it could be taken from you. It’s gut-wrenching and it’s emotional. And when people see how hard you work, it feels good,” Lexie said.

They hope to open their newest space at 3726 North Buffalo Street by December 1.

And there’s more good news, Vicky had her last treatment on September 21.

She’s now cancer free.

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