ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) — Lawns have turned into ponds on S. Abbott Road. Some residents say they’ve been dealing with this for days.

They told News 4 the issue is where their houses sit. The snow melt falls down the hill, finally coming to a rest on their lawns.

Resident Bob Koster said it’s something he deals with each winter, and knew there would be flooding problems as soon as they were hammered with snow during the storm. He said his one sump pump stopped working today. Thankfully, he already had a plumber working on repairs — because without it, he’s afraid his basement would flood.

“The pump is handling about 3,500 gallons an hour, maybe a little more,” Koster said. “I think both pumps are capable of handling about 2,500 — it’s about two fire hydrants, that’s how I equate it.”

Koster said his neighbor’s basement has had five feet of water that they’re continuously having to try and dump out, but with the warm weather, mixed with the rain on top of the several feet of snow, it doesn’t seem like relief will come soon.

For him, he said the next step will be clean up once the water in his yard dries up.

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