Approval may be near for allowing some fans at Bills games

Erie County

ERIE COUNTY, N.Y. (WIVB)–Executive Mark Poloncarz says Erie County would be in favor of allowing about 7,000 fans at the October 15 Bills game.

“It’s really kind of in the state’s hands right now,” according to Poloncarz, who adds that the Bills have lowered their original request of 17,000 fans down to 9,000 fans. But the Erie County Health Department would be in favor of allowing 7,000 fans in the stadium if the Bills agree to a timed exit and entry process for the October 15th game against the Chiefs.

“You would be required to go to a particular gate and you would be required to go into that gate at a particular time,” said Poloncarz. “We do believe that based on the size of the facility and the size of the concourses, the bathrooms and spreading out, the plan that the Bills have come up with that at least 10% could safety go in.”

He made public how the Bills may decide which fans get to go. “They have a protocol in place where season ticket holders would have first shot based on the ones that have been there the longest to buy a certain number of tickets, a pod like no more than six.”

Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul realizes a decision needs to come soon. “Talks are going. We know there’s a timetable and if there’s going to be a decision, I expect it’s going to be soon but also we’re monitoring the numbers and listening to the experts.”

The county executive expects state officials to discuss it further on Tuesday. “I talked to the Bills General Counsel, Gregg Brandon. He was down in Miami. He watched exactly how the system worked in Miami. He said it worked. There was no tailgating. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was allowed, there’d be no tailgating regardless. We just want to people to have the opportunity to come in, see the game, and then leave.”

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