Steve Felano announces run for Erie County Sheriff, introduces ‘Blue New Deal’

Erie County

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)– Steve Felano, founder of 2ANYS, a second amendment civil rights advocacy group, has announced he’s running for Erie County Sheriff.

Felano is a 35-year-old resident of Erie County and says he’s not happy with New York State’s leadership.

“The left-progressives ruling our state capitol and county legislature tell you we need a ‘Green New Deal’, which is simply another round of heavy-handed government compulsion that will crush industry, destroy opportunity, and create more desperate criminals in service of left-wing ideology.”

Steve Felano

In response to the state’s current policies, he plans to enact the “Blue New Deal” which, “ensures county residents’ civil rights are protected, unconstitutional edicts from Albany are nullified and ignored.” He says the deal will also ensure Sheriff’s Deputies will get the respect and support they deserve.

In an email, Felano laid out the following focus areas of the “Blue New Deal”:

Non-enforcement of unconstitutional edicts to protect citizens’ rights from state overreach: On Felano’s first day as Erie County Sheriff, the unlawful SAFE Act, arbitrary pistol permit regime, illegal Red Flag Law, and all COVID-1984 executive orders will stop being enforced by Erie County Deputies.

A strong Grand Jury to resist government abuse: As Erie County Sheriff, Felano will empanel a grand jury with the power to investigate official misconduct, including all members of the Cuomo Regime, and all government agents involved in the ongoing, unconstitutional COVID-1984 lockdown forced on Erie County residents.

Ending victimless traffic violations to stop highway theft from working families: State and county government agents impose technical, victimless traffic violations on Erie County residents to balance their irresponsible budgets. Felano will stop enforcement of these violations. Parents just trying to get to work on time should not be robbed on the side of the highway so progressives may continue their reckless spending binge.

Felano says as Erie County Sheriff, he will work to investigate Governor Cuomo and “relentlessly defend your right to be free from regulatory and financial molestation by state and county government so you can simply live your life in peace.”

He says he wants to bring safety, prosperity, and freedom back to Erie County.

To find out more about the Felano campaign, click here.

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