Students will have to be socially distant and wear masks in school upon reopening

Erie County

SPRINGVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB)–It’s a clarification that came recently from New York State. Even if students are six feet apart in class, they also will have to wear masks.

Springville Central School District Superintendent Kimberly Moritz says, “we worked under the assumption from the beginning here in Springville that we would need to socially distance our students and wear masks.”

Moritz is working with a committee of 30 people to fine-tune the reopening plan, and because most of the schools in the Springville Griffith Institute Central School District do not have the space to keep six feet apart in every classroom Moritz says, “that means we look to what’s being called a Hybrid model, some days in person and some days remote and that’s the plan that we’re working on now. So we can essentially divide our students on every population in half and, given that, we can accommodate the six feet social distance guideline.”

Even with classroom spacing, students should expect to wear a mask for most of all of a seven hour school day.

“If kids want to participate in our program here in Springville they’re going to have to wear a mask. It’s mandatory just like any other rule and procedure in a school, we will enforce that rule. Having said that, we will provide breaks for kids when they’re not seated in a room with others. For example, I’m seated in my office and I’m not wearing a mask. If there are some situations where adults wouldn’t need to wear a mask we wouldn’t expect the students to do so either,” Moritz added.

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