City of Tonawanda firefighter has car stolen while at fire station


A City of Tonawanda firefighter had his car stolen while it was parked at the fire station.

Joshua Page said his colleague discovered the vehicle was no longer parked early Monday morning toward the end of their shift. Page said he initially thought it was a prank, but when he realized the car actually missing, contacted the police.

“The officer went over there, the vehicle was missing,” said City of Tonawanda Police Captain Fredric Foels. “[He] checked his residence to make sure the vehicle wasn’t picked up and all those proved negative so obviously the vehicle was stolen.”

Page said his insurance company has been able to track what time the car was taken and how far it traveled, but doesn’t have the exact location.

Now he’s urging others to always double check that their vehicles are locked so something like this doesn’t happen to them.

“Right now it’s kind of like a waiting game,” Page said. “Just like anybody who’s ever had their vehicle stolen, just have to wait it out. If they can find it, great, if not, we move on.”

The City of Tonawanda Police Dept. are currently investigating the incident.

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