TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB) — A woman was found dead and two children found shot early Tuesday morning in the town of Tonawanda.

Police said officers responded to the Ebling Avenue home shortly after 2 a.m. Tuesday. Inside, they found a woman shot to death, and her two adolescent children wounded by gunshots.

She was identified as 31-year-old Danielle Cretacci. At last check, the children were in stable condition.

The shooting itself appears to have been targeted, said police, who said one of the children was involved in calling 911.

Police said all three people wounded resided at the home. Neighbors tell News 4 a woman and her two daughters moved into the home this past winter.

No arrests have been made.

The owner of the home released a statement Wednesday saying he was left for work around 1:15 a.m., and was contacted by police about three hours later. His entire statement is below.

John Guercio of Tonawanda, New York, is the homeowner of the residence on Ebling Avenue in Tonawanda, New York, that was the scene of a brutal murder and shooting yesterday. Guercio is an employee and co-owner of Guercio & Sons on Grant Street in Buffalo, New York. Guercio was friends with Danielle Cretacci, the woman who was murdered last night. Cretacci is a former employee of Guercio & Sons. Guercio allowed Ms. Cretacci and her two children to live in his house earlier this year when she had difficulty finding housing and reached out to Guercio for help. Guercio also helped care for Cretacci’s children while they were living at his residence.

Guercio works nights at Guercio & Sons and helps prepare morning shipments to local area restaurants during his shift. On the night of the burglary and shootings, Guercio reported into work as usual and left his home at approximately 1:15 a.m. At approximately 4:30 a.m., Guercio was contacted at work by Tonawanda detectives following the shootings. Guercio has cooperated with the investigation being conducted by the Tonawanda Police Department. He also provided detectives information to corroborate his location at the time of the shootings.

Guercio’s attorney, Robert C. Singer, Esq., of Singer Legal PLLC, stated, “John Guercio took Danielle Cretacci and her children into his home when Danielle fell on hard times and needed a place to live. Over the last few months, John helped Danielle get back on her feet and even cared for Danielle’s children. John left for work that night when Danielle and her children were asleep on his couch. He is absolutely devastated by the events that happened following his departure. He grieves for Danielle and her family and prays that Danielle’s children quickly recover from their injuries. He cannot begin to imagine how Danielle’s children are dealing with the death of their mother. This senseless act of violence has shaken John to his core. I ask that everyone respect John’s privacy over the next few days and give him time to come to grips with what happened.”

Attorney Singer added, “I know some news outlets have stated that this may have been an incident of domestic violence. I want to make sure that John is not included in that narrative. He was a friend of Danielle, and that is all. If this incident has its roots in domestic violence, then the perpetrator is not John Guercio. My belief is that John is no longer considered a suspect and that Tonawanda Police have moved forward with investigating other suspects/persons of interest. We pray that detectives quickly arrest Danielle’s murderer and the criminal who shot her children. This monster deserves to get punished to the maximum extent permitted under the law.”

Robert C. Singer, Esq. of Singer Legal PLLC