WEST SENECA, N.Y. (WIVB) — West Seneca police have released information on four men from Colombia convicted in a home invasion.

The incident occurred back in January, but on Thursday, police explained why this information was not released until now.

“Due to a multi-agency investigation into a larger scheme of similar crimes throughout the state in which Asian business owners’ personal residences are being targeted for burglaries, no information was previously released on these arrests,” West Seneca police said.

“These individuals are staking these houses out and they’re not just randomly picking a house. They’re doing their homework,” said Erie County District Attorney John Flynn. “These members of this organization were targeting specifically Asian-Americans who were working in the restaurant industry and other service industries who were gone from their homes all day long.”

On January 12, during the afternoon, an 18-year-old woman locked herself in her bedroom and spoke to dispatchers, police said.

“I think they were expecting no one to be home when they broke into the house,” Flynn said.

At the time, she says she heard glass breaking and that an unknown number of people were in the house.

“The suspects began rummaging through the upstairs bedrooms looking for cash and valuables,” police said.

In less than two minutes, officers arrived at the scene, but the men had already left. Still though, there was a witness.

“The witness reported she had been driving through the neighborhood, when she saw four individuals running through backyards, then running out into the street and fleeing in a car with out-of-state license plates,” police said.

At the time, police said the witness was unaware of the burglary, but followed them.

The vehicle with the four men eventually stopped at a Stop and Gas station on Seneca Street. Two men got out and ran away, but officers quickly apprehended them.

Now, a second witness started to follow the vehicle, which was fleeing toward Union Road and north to Gemcor Drive.

Additional officers eventually responded and stopped the vehicle, proceeding to take the other two men into custody.

Police say the men were in possession of burglar tools, a large amount of cash and items that belonged to the home invasion victim.

Since then, all four have pleaded guilty to felony burglary. They were identified as Luis E. Diaz Rincon, 50, Hillmer Bayona Arango, 43, Jose A. Ordonez Saenz, 46, and 20-year-old Cristian Borbon.

West Seneca police say they were believed to have been living in Queens at the time. Sentenced to time served, the men have been remanded to the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility in Batavia to await being deported to Colombia.

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